Coffee Bound is a specialty drink company dedicated to great customer service and delightful cups of coffee.  Our passion is coffee and our mission is creating an experience that everyone enjoys.  Friends don't let friends drink bad coffee and it's a good thing we think everyone of you are our friends.   


Coffee Bound wants to be where you are... Our fleet of mobile units can cater to any event.  From high volume festivals to private intimate celebrations,  we have something for everyone.  Conventions for business, seminars, weddings, and catering events can easily be catered with our mobile fleet comprised of our coffee trailer "Nomad" and our coffee trike "Peddler".  We specialize in making your event unforgettable with custom menus and even have packages for marketing your business with us.   Wherever your life is taking you let your journey begin with Coffee Bound.  


Yeah... BUT, what do you do..? Coffee Bound is a full blown espresso and specialty beverage shop on wheels...LITERALLY!  Lattes to smoothies to breves and fruit infused energy  drinks,  we have something for everyone.  Customize your event with a completely custom menu and show your originality.  Coffee Bound isn't your fairy GOD mother but we can certainly make your coffee catering dreams come true.   

 What we are about... Our passion is coffee and customer service.  We are about sharing a good cup of coffee with friends and family.  Our roots are from the land of mountains and coffee the "Pacific Northwest" and we are bringing that to "Y'ALL" here in Texas. We like to have fun, drink great coffee and serve amazing people.  We are also deeply rooted with the veteran community and are honored to be apart of San Antonio that shares that same feeling of connecting with people who have served our country.


The Coffee Talk....we don't like stuffy, hipster, everyone on laptops with headphones on coffee shops.... so we are doing it OUR WAY!  We are genuine people who ask how your day is and want you to leave with a smile on your face.   Connect with people around you and just enjoy this time, live in the moment.  

The Beans...we searched high and low for a roaster who shared the same idea of what coffee is suppose to taste like.  We found an amazing micro roaster in the historic district of Gruene, TX at the famous Gruene Coffee Haus.  Do yourself a favor if you are ever in the neighborhood and check her amazing little coffee shop out.  We have our beans roasted to order to ensure freshness.